What’s Going On In Cell Phone Repairs

It’s safe to say that cell phones are sufficiently developed that they wouldn’t be classified as a new invention any more. They’ve been around for decades, so most of the serious bugs and unforeseen issues that usually accompany brand new inventions have been worked out. Even though cell phone technology is constantly evolving, the concept is stable. Of course there are still the one-off bugs, and the occasional hardware failure that deep-sixes some phones, but we decided to find out what are the primary problems facing cell phone users in the day-to-day usage of their phones.

To find out what kind of problems cell phone users are having, we went straight to the horse’s mouth, a cell phone repair shop. We spoke with Ricky at ‘Cell Phone Repairs Houston TX’ to examine what the most common problems are with today’s cell phones. Continue reading What’s Going On In Cell Phone Repairs

Wireless Charging – It’s About Time!

Your power toothbrush and electric shaver has been using inductive charging for years. Now the next big thing for cell phone’s will be wireless charging (also referred to as inductive charging). The concept of induction isn’t new – we’re all taught it in high school science, but its implementation for cell phone charging hasn’t been smooth. Widespread adoption has been held back by disagreements over which of the two or three leading standards should be used. The three major organizations working to standardize inductive charging technologies are The Power Matters Alliance lead by Duracell’s Powermat, the Wireless Power Consortium with their Qi standard, and the Alliance for Wireless Power. Continue reading Wireless Charging – It’s About Time!